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Céline Guava Gelli

Founder & Director


Why Guava Swiss?


I am the founder of Guava Swiss, a company named after the guava, a vital tropical fruit. Guava is also my middle name, symbolizing my personal commitment and efforts to create this company. Choosing to add "Swiss" to the company name evokes the precision, quality, and reliability often associated with Switzerland. Together, these elements reflect the vision for Guava Swiss, which is to offer services that reflect energy and personal commitment, while incorporating Swiss standards of quality and performance.




After graduating from the Hotel Management School of Glion in 2000, I started my career in the hospitality field in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Previous hotel work experiences in Dominican Republic, Caracas, London, and Geneva gave me the tools to adapt to discipline, time management, to be adaptable and proactive. I was able to enhance my communication skills in various areas of the luxury industry, ranging from food & beverage to marketing and events planning departments.


My career transitioned into the educational sector in 2002 when I was offered a position at a prestigious boarding school in Villars, Switzerland. I started as the representative of the Alumni Association and shortly thereafter became the Director of Admissions. This position led me to different renowned institutions and my responsibilities included promotional trips around the world, public relations, family interviews & student admissions, visits to the schools, alumni get-togethers, marketing responsibilities, and management of several events & projects related to the educational world activity.

Throughout my career, I have been also passionate about humanitarian missions with the most disadvantaged. Building a bridge between these two worlds - that of privileged students and children in need - has been extremely rewarding and has led me to manage educational projects in India, Madagascar, Uruguay, Tanzania, Uganda and Myanmar.  

Dynamic, entrepreneur, ambitious and versatile by nature, I am delighted to share my Swiss and international experience with families, students, visitors, and my network who would like to benefit from my professional know-how. 


Since 2021






Launching of Guava Swiss Sàrl

Villars Palace Academy, Switzerland - Director of Admissions & Marketing

La Garenne International School, Switzerland - Director of Admissions

Lonhea Alpine Clinic, Switzerland - Marketing & Public Relations Director

Collège Beau Soleil, Switzerland - Director of Admissions & Public Relations

Hotel InterContinental Buenos Aires, Argentina - Sales Coordinator

Hospitality industry in Dominican Republic, Caracas, London & Geneva

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