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"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone"

The story behind "RoseLine"

Let us introduce you to "RoseLine", an initiative whose name is a contraction of the first names Rosy and Celine. This meeting was born in 2013 during a humanitarian mission in Uganda. Rosy was a young animator who was working in an orphanage for which Céline had been sent on a mission. Their meeting was a real love at first sight, which gave birth to an unprecedented friendship. Despite their similar character and personality, the only thing that separates them is distance. She comes from the most disadvantaged lands of Africa, and Céline was lucky enough to grow up in one of the most privileged countries. Yet they helped each other to grow and mature on the path of life. This chance crossroad created an indescribable bond, a unique friendship that transcends all borders.

Roseline & Céline

Our common passion

The "RoseLine" initiative represents a passion in common to help those in need, with the ultimate goal of working on small, but solid, humanitarian projects around the world that will make a significant difference in the lives of many forgotten people.

The first project aims to provide quality healthcare to disadvantaged children in Uganda through programs promoting hygiene, vaccination, and disease prevention.


Therefore constructing a pharmacy in a local village is the first goal. Rosy, now a nurse by profession, will oversee and manage the project, while Céline from Guava Swiss will guide, fundraise and coordinate on-site.


Apart from personal involvement, Guava Swiss will also donate 1% of invoiced services to these initiatives.


Previous Volunteer Projects

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